Bloom Through Membership

“A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust.”

– Gertrude Jekyll

Annual membership dues are $30 with the exception of TBS students and spouses who shall pay half the annual dues. Membership dues include membership benefits in the Quantico Spouses’ Garden Club, National Capital Area Garden Club Inc, and National Garden Clubs Inc. Benefits include exclusive access to club meetings, tours, our annual yearbook, quarterly newsletters and “members only” gardening tips, tricks and resources. Dues may be paid by cash, check, or Zelle ( or online with your debit or credit card. Questions? Please contact our membership chair, Tara Trimble at

*Please note, QSGC is a 501 (C)3 garden club. We are a non-federal entity and are not part of the DOD or any of its components and we do not have governmental status.

I am about to observe or participate in activities to be conducted under the direction of the Quantico Spouses’ Garden Club, hereinafter the “Organization", on Marine Corps Installations National Capital Region - Marine Corps Base, Quantico (MCINCR-MCBQ). I understand that the organization is a Non-Federal entity and is not a Federal Government entity. I understand that the organization is operating and conducting events on MCINCR-MCBQ by permission of the Federal Government subject to certain terms and conditions. I understand that my observation and/or participation in the activities of the organization will involve access to MCINC-MCBQ, an active military base that consists of Marine Corps Base ranges and training areas. I understand the following three cautions with regard to MCINCR-MCBQ: 1. All ranges and training areas, including recreational fields, are designed for, and used by the Marine Corps for training of its personnel in the deadly art of individual and unit combat. 2. Ranges and training areas have been subject to countless training exercises that may well have involved the use of ammunition and placement of manmade or natural obstacles which, if triggered or encountered by or during physical presence on the ranges/training areas, could result in serious bodily injury or death to me. 3. Range and training area conditions are often aggravated by the weather such that extreme heat, humidity, cold, wind, or wet will increase the likelihood of physical danger and exposure to serious bodily injury, sickness, accident, or death. I understand that certain activities may cause injuries associated with physical fitness training like muscle sprains or strains, tendon pulls, dislocation of joints, broken bones, and injuries associated with physical contact with other participants, and injuries from playing conditions, to include field conditions and the inherent dangers associated with environmental conditions. In spite of my full knowledge of the risks involved in observing and/or participating in the organization's activities and, in consideration of the privilege to participate in the organization's activities to be held aboard MCINCR-MCBQ, I do hereby freely and voluntarily, and intending to be legally bound, accept all risks associated with these activities and waive any and all rights to any claims or demands or any other actions whatsoever, including those attributable to negligence for damages due to accident, injury, or my death resulting from observation and/or participation in any of the organization's activities, for me, my spouse, my parents or guardians, my heirs, executors, administrators, or legal representatives of my estate, or anyone else on my behalf, which I may have against any of the following: the United States of America, the Department of Defense, the Department of the Navy, the United States Marine Corps, Marine Corps Installations Command, MCINCR-MCBQ, or any and all individuals assigned to or employed by the United States, to include, but not limited to, the Secretary of the Navy, the Commandant of the Marine Corps, the Commanding General of the Marine Corps Installations Command, or the Commander of MCINCR-MCBQ, in both their official and personal capacities, or any medical personnel or their representatives, successors, or assigns designated thereto. I understand that the above language means I have abandoned any rights I may have or any rights anyone associated with me may have, through legal or friendship or family ties, to sue the Federal Government for any injury that I may sustain because of participation and/or observation in any of the organization's activities that result in any damage whatsoever to me, my property, or in my death. By signing this document, I acknowledge that the Federal Government, or any agency or employee thereof, is not liable for any injury I may sustain, to include death, as a result of participation in observation or attendance of the organization's activities. By signing this document, I effectively and completely assume all risk associated with the organization's activities. Lastly, I understand that should I decline to execute this Waiver of Liability, I will not be permitted to attend, observe or participate in the organization's activities or event(s) to be held aboard MCINCR-MCBQ.